Barcelona 2022 season third jersey

The Barcelona new jersey stands out for its distinctive design, inspired by the Creu de Sant Jordi, which commemorates the 30th anniversary of the club being awarded the eponymous medal. In addition, the design reflects Barça’s commitment to social issues, diversity and inclusion, as part of its motto and core values of “Más que un Club”.

Unlike last season, the new season’s third jersey will no longer be limited to European matches, but will be used alternatively with the home and away jerseys in different matches. The design is also very different from the previous jerseys, instead of the classic striped style, a light gray color is used and a huge red and blue cross is drawn on the chest. This break from the norm represents a break from the traditional Barça stripe style.
These values are also reflected in the presentation of the unveiling of the jersey. Not only will the new jersey be unveiled by the first-team men’s and women’s football players, but also, for the first time, by the Barça Foundation for the Intellectually Disabled team, which represents diversity and is made up of boys and girls, notably those who have been playing in the nationwide LaLiga Genuine Santander since last season.

The jersey launch event was made up of players from the Barça Foundation for the Intellectually Disabled, including Adrià Alonso, Jenifer Cabanillas, Marc Cutillas, Montse Durà, Manel Solà and Miquel. Manel Solà and Miquel Chavarria, as well as professional team stars Robert Lewandowski, Pedri, Ansu Fati, Caroline Graham Hansen, Aitana Bonmatí, Ingrid Engen and Mapi León.These people appear in the launch posters in their new jerseys, and although they are different from the norm, they are also soccer players, equally heroic, conveying the same sportsmanship and the same total commitment both on and off the green field.